Current Series

A Stranger In a Strange Land

The events recorded in this book should be a great encouragement to us when we experience trials and testings and become discouraged; for when God is not allowed to rule, He overrules. God is still on the throne and will never leave us nor forsake us.

Sheltered In Joy

It's Hard to imagine that when we heard those words "Shelter In Place" it would have lasted as long as it did. This series was birthed during that time. 

ACTS In 2020

The church is always trying to reinvent itself to reach today's culture. Maybe instead of trying to reinvent ourselves, we need to rediscover who Christ designed us to be. ACTS In 2020.

Jonah- A Fear of Forgivness

Is it possible for one to fear forgiveness? Though out the Bible we find examples of individuals who appear to do just that. Why would someone fear forgiveness? One might have become comfortable in their unforgiveness of another. One may find the forgiveness may draw attention to their sin. One might not be willing to work through the process of reconciliation. We find all three in the life of Jonah. 

For The Love Of God

Do we really know what love means anymore? Though it is said and heard many time throughout ones life. Do we really know what it means? If we don't know what love means within our culture how can we know what it means in the Bible? That's what we hope to accomplish in this series.

Hall Of Faith

Each of these examples are celebrated not simply for obeying, for undergoing suffering on God’s behalf, for willingly doing what is remarkable at times. Each are celebrated because they did these various things by faith, by faith, by faith. Our actions and our works are unto God’s glory because they’re not simply actions or works. They are works of faith and actions of trust.