Current Series

For The Love Of God

Do we really know what love means anymore? Though it is said and heard many time throughout ones life. Do we really know what it means? If we don't know what love means within our culture how can we know what it means in the Bible? That's what we hope to accomplish in this series.

Let Us Pray

So many of the books/sermons I’ve read on prayer seem to be little more than guilt-ridden tirades on why we don’t pray and why we should pray more. Let me say at the outset of our journey together that I have no intention of adding to such a depressing collection. What I want to do in this series, if I can, is to help us catch a glimpse of what we might be missing by not making prayer a vital part of our lives. I have found that prayer is the most wonderful gift in God’s great bag of blessings.

Goodbye God

In a recent poll taken by the Barna Group they discovered  that 1 out of 4 Americans now claim to identify themselves as either an atheist or agnostic. 2/3 of those in that group claim to have been at one time affiliated with Christianity. In this series we will look at what brought them to this place that allowed them to say Goodbye to God.

Family Matters

Have you ever come home and your spouse says to you "We need to have a family meeting?" I remember growing up and hearing my mom say that to my dad has he walked through the door coming home from work. If fact it has also happened many time with my wife and I. A family meeting was scheduled to address a family matter. That is our intent here to have a family meeting and address "Family Matters"

Let Us Contend

Let me ask you a question.

What would you contend for? For most it would be for either for something they loved or against something they hated.

Jude is asking us to Contend for the Faith.

Follow Me

Many within the church today are asking "What does it mean to be a Christian?". It almost appears that there are many who are having an identity crisis within the body of Christ.

In our series "Follow Me" we are attempting to rediscover the indemnity of a Christian by looking at each "Follow Me" invitations that Jesus made and the qualifier's to those statements to remind us again. 


One of the most EPIC accounts in all the Bible is the event of God giving His people, His Word, written by His finger on two tablets of stone.

Today we know these as the 10 commandments. This series is a look at that moment in history recorded for us in the Book of Exodus.

In a series we have entitled 10

I Dare You

One of the great hero's of the Old testament has to be Daniel. As we read his life story in the Book of Daniel we are challenged to examine our own life. His life story is a dare to us. Daring us to live full on for the Glory of God.

I Dare You to take this challenge of Daniel