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A genuine tragedy for any believer—or for that matter any person—is doubting God’s love. Such doubt can give way to many disturbing emotions, among them …  anxiety,  fear, distrust, despair, depression, anger, bitterness, and a host of other negative feelings and attitudes.

Doubting God’s love can also lead to the sin of indifference. The people of Israel doubted God’s love and His concern for how they lived. As a result, they ignored His law and lived in sin. Thankfully, there is no reason for us to doubt God’s love. He openly expresses His love throughout His Word.

Hall Of Faith

Each of these examples are celebrated not simply for obeying, for undergoing suffering on God’s behalf, for willingly doing what is remarkable at times. Each are celebrated because they did these various things by faith, by faith, by faith. Our actions and our works are unto God’s glory because they’re not simply actions or works. They are works of faith and actions of trust.


Topical Series

Here you will find a collection of Topical Messages that we have given here at CCC.

What in the World is Going On?

We are living in interesting times to say the least. Some may even call them troubling times. How do we make sense of all the unusual and sometimes terrifying events?

Did you know that the Bible tells us what's going to happen in the future before it happens? That we may be aware of what Jesus called the "Signs of the Times?"   Letting us know that when we see these thing occur we may not be troubled but know that His return is near.


Standing In The Storm

There is a certainty for every Christian and that is at one time or another they will find themselves standing in a storm of life.  For many they we will see it as an obstacle keeping them from a quality of life that they desire, but for a few they will see it for what it is, an opportunity. It is to these that Peter writes and encourages you to Stand in the Storm. 

That You May Know
In his Gospel, John tells us how to be saved, but in this epistle, he tells us how to be sure we are saved. The letter is a series of “tests” that Christians may use to examine their fellowship (chaps. 1–2) and their sonship (chaps. 3–5). Note that the emphasis in chapters 3–5 is on being born of God.
Holiday Services

Here you can find all of the holiday services that have been celebrated here at Calvary Chapel Cardunal.

The Spirit of the Church

In 2017 CCC will celebrate our 20th Anniversary. It was this series that we did 20 years ago to lay out the mission for the church. We thought that this would be a great time to remind us of our core values.  


Today the subject and study of history seems to be on the decline. Many today appear to have a hard time finding any real value in the knowing and understanding the past. However if we do not know our history how can we ever hope to know how we got where we are today and where we are going tomorrow. BC is a look at the history of the New Testament allowing us a context to the sayings and events of the contained within it.

Sin No More

Satan desires to desensitize Christians to the heinousness of sin. He wants you to stop mourning over sin and start enjoying it. Impossible? Many who once thought so have fallen prey to its power. It usually doesn’t happen all at once. In fact, the process can be slow and subtle—almost imperceptible. But the results are always tragic.

Revelation- The Next Dimension

There is a dimension of reality that we often don’t consider. The world behind our world. It is this world that we get a glimpse of in the Book of Revelation. However, this insight into this dimension climaxes with the physical return of Jesus Christ. The book of Revelation tells us what is going to happen before it does that we may know that His return is imminent.

Revelation- The Next Dimension